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NBC Touts Congressional African-American Opposition to Sessions


<p>Wednesday was the second and final hearing in regards to the attorney general nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Session, and it was marked by strong opposition from his African-American colleagues on the hill. And later that night, NBC News seemed to relish in their smears of racism towards the Senator who <a href="…; target="_blank">defeated Alabama&rsquo;s Ku Klux Klan</a>. &ldquo;<strong>No less drama in this fight as African-American members of congress spoke out today against the nomination,</strong>&rdquo; hyped anchor Lester Holt on <em>NBC Nightly News</em>.</p>

<p>Justice correspondent Pete Williams seemed ecstatic that New Jersey Senator Cory Booker was the first to break a long-standing tradition of the Senate during the hearing. &ldquo;<strong>Senator Cory booker, Democrat of New Jersey, became the first ever to testify against a colleague&#39;s nomination,</strong>&rdquo; Williams reported.</p>

<p>&ldquo;<strong>Joining him, Congressman John Lewis of Georgia who survived police beatings and civil rights marches,</strong>&rdquo; he continued, effectively qualifying his stance against Sessions. &ldquo;It doesn&#39;t matter how Senator Sessions may smile, how friendly he may be, how he may speak to you,&rdquo; Lewis warned the committee, while NBC creepily played video of Sessions turning around and smiling.</p>

<p>According to Williams, there was testimony from people vouching for Sessions to become the next attorney general of the United States, with three of them being African-American. But Williams failed to share any video from their testimony, only their images. From there, he again jumped into accusations of racism, &ldquo;<strong>But the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said putting the all-black panel at the end was a snub.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>House Representative Cedric Richmond, a Democrat from Louisiana, ridiculously claimed, &ldquo;To have a Senator, a House member, and a living civil rights legend testify at the end of all of this is the equivalent of being made to go to the back of the bus.&rdquo;</p>

<p>While wrapping up his report, Williams sounded disgruntled, stating, &ldquo;<strong>Still, Sessions appeared headed for confirmation with a Senate vote likely early next month.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>NBC&rsquo;s eagerness to paint Sessions as a bigot is disgraceful. Especially after the first day&rsquo;s hearing where they <a href="…; target="_blank">failed to report</a> how Sessions had a hand in getting an Alabama KKK member the death penalty for killing an African-American teenager. Or how, in the fallout from that case, the Alabama KKK was left penniless and basically in shambles.&nbsp;</p>