NBC Relays Palestinian 'Propaganda' from Bethlehem During Christmas

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On Saturday's NBC Nightly News, during a report recounting the gathering of Christian pilgrims in Bethlehem for Christmas celebrations, correspondent Martin Fletcher relayed Palestinian complaints about Israel, and gave attention to the display of an anti-Israel publicity stunt set to coincide with the occasion taking advantage of a Christmas tree theme.

After recounting the celebrations and noting that the overwhelming majority of the city is now Muslim, Fletcher cited complaints about the Israeli security barrier that was built to thwart terrorist attacks that were commonplace a decade ago. Without giving any details on the prevalence of suicide bombings and shootings by Muslim extremists that emanated from Bethlehem during the Second Intifada - attacks that dropped substantially after the construction of the barrier - the NBC correspondent only vaguely noted that the "wall" was "built to stop terrorists."

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