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MSNBC's Wagner Devotes Segment to Hawking New 'Cronkite' Book; Fails to Note New Evidence of His Liberal Bias


Liberal historian and biographer Douglas Brinkley is out with a new
book about the late Walter Cronkite and in its pages lie plenty of
revelations that damage the late anchor's objective journalist "halo,"
according to media critic Howard Kurtz, who <a href="… the book for the Daily Beast</a>.
Among other things, Brinkley wrote about how the allegedly Cronkite
bugged a committee room at the 1952 Republican convention, how he
literally begged liberal Sen. Robert Kennedy to jump into the 1968
presidential race, and how the avuncular family man figure had a
penchant for partying at topless bars.</p>
Yet on the May 31 edition of <em>Now with Alex Wagner</em>, neither
Brinkley nor Wagner nor anyone else on the panel brought up any of those
interesting revelations, focusing instead on such trivialities as how
Cronkite, who got his start in the wire service UPI, perfected his
on-air news-reading skills. </p><p><br />Read <a href="…; target="_blank">more here.<span style="color: #003399;"></span></a></p>