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MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Attacks Hogan Gidley for Comparing Donald Trump to Joe Biden


<p>According to Thomas Roberts, Vice President Biden is a political god who
deserves no criticism.&nbsp; That’s the message the host sent to former Rick
Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley on <em>MSNBC Live</em> Tuesday.&nbsp; The
two men were discussing the political implications for Mitt Romney
attending a fundraiser with Donald Trump when Gidley compared the
bombastic Trump to gaffe-prone Vice President Biden.<br />
<br />
"One of your anchors said how can Mitt Romney stand next to a guy who
can embarrass him at any moment. Barack Obama can be embarrassed at any
moment by a guy he made Vice President," Gidley argued to Roberts.&nbsp;</p><p>Read more at <a href="…; target="_blank"></a></p>