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MSNBC's Hall Takes Conservative Blogger Out of Context to Bash GOP on 'Hagel Holdup'


Complaining about Senate Republicans being dissatisfied with former senator Chuck Hagel's refusal to turn over <a href="… related to speeches he delivered that were financed by foreign sources</a>,
MSNBC's Tamron Hall this afternoon took a conservative blogger out of
context to suggest that even conservatives were frustrated with how the
Senate GOP -- which, by the way, is the minority party in the Senate and
lacks the votes to thwart a Hagel confirmation -- was handling the
confirmation process.</p>
In a February 8 <em>NewsNation</em> segment entitled "Hagel Holdup,"
Hall lamented that Republican "senators are also demanding that Hagel
give them copies of every speech he's made in the past five years. It's a
process Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin says,
quote, 'could be the most inept and disorganized confirmation effort in
recent memory.'" While Rubin did write that Friday morning, the Post
blogger was referring to the Obama administration and Mr. Hagel, not
Republicans. From <a href="… critical weekend for the Hagel nomination"</a> </p><p><br />Read more: <a style="color: #003399;" href="…;