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MSNBC Host vs. MSNBC Host on Respecting the Final Say of the Supreme Court


<p>Liberal hosts on MSNBC can’t get their talking points in order when it
comes to how liberals should react to the Supreme Court.&nbsp; On Tuesday’s
The Cycle, co-host Steve Kornacki insisted that “if the Supreme Court
strikes down the individual mandate, that does not mean it's
unconstitutional.”&nbsp;&nbsp; To the <a href=""></a&gt; writer, just because the Court would have spoken thus doesn't make it final.<br />
<br />
Such open and partisan comments are a stark contrast to those made by
MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris-Perry today. On MSNBC Live following
the Supreme Court upholding ObamaCare, Harris-Perry rebuked Kentucky
Republican Rand Paul for his attack on the Supreme Court, saying he
should respect the Court's word as final.&nbsp;</p><p>Read more <a href="…; target="_blank">here.</a></p>