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MSNBC In Awe Over President Obama's Convention Speech: 'Epic'; 'Home Run'; 'Made Me Feel Good'


<p>From MSNBC's 6 September 2012 live coverage of the 2012 Democratic National Convention:</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>CHRIS MATTHEWS: I think tonight he did it again, didn't he?...The most powerful statement tonight he made is, I am the President. (crowd cheers and applauds) I am the President, and you're not, and I've had to do the tough things of leading this country, and you haven't, and you don't have a clue about foreign policy. It's all new to you...It was a profound statement of, I've got the best position in this country and in this race, because I am doing the job and you're just twiddling your fingers, thinking about what it might be like to be President....What a home run that was.<br /><br />ED SCHULTZ:&nbsp; I thought the President tonight had one of his strongest finishes – very passionate....He made me feel good tonight. He made the American people feel good tonight, and he gave us confidence. He pointed out what we've been through, what we can get through, and where we're going. It was a very visionary speech, and it was vintage Barack Obama.<br /><br />AL SHARPTON: ...He made an epic speech tonight, and he did it because he was substantive....So, he handed back what people ridiculed to them. He handed it back on a silver platter, laid out policies, and reduced his opponents to just some people that are chattering somewhere in Never Never Land. I think that Barack Obama won the election tonight.<br /><br />STEVE SCHMIDT: ...I don't think the Democrats could have possibly done a better job this week in building a case for the President's re-election. I think their convention was a home run....It was an effective speech, as almost all of his speeches are.</p>