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Mike Gallagher & Larry Elder Man-Up and Explain/Defend Akin's "Rape" Comment


<p>I combine two segments from Gallagher and Elder that better explain what the hell Akin so clumsily said. (Posted by:<a href=""&gt; Religio-Political Talk</a>) They reject -- of course -- the comment about the impregnation percentages women experience who are rapped. There are no stats/science/medical info to back this idea up. But these two lay out what Akin should be saying and bemoan the lack of the Republicans defending a mistake made by one of their own. Wimps.</p><p>I am not a fan of Gallagher (just to say he doesn't inspire me to listen to him like Prager, Medved, and Elder), but I did get a month of his show just because of his stance on this topic and me wanting to hear some input on Republicans standing up "for their own."</p><p>For more clear thinking like this from Larry Elder... I invite you to visit:</p&gt;