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Melbourne Public Transit System: 'Don't Set Fire to Your Hair' or Run in Front of a Train


<p>Melbourne, Australia's public transit system&nbsp;kicked off it’s <a href="">DumbWays2Die</a&gt; train safety
campaign with a song listing, well, dumb ways to die.&nbsp; Some of the examples include “Sell both your
kidneys on the Internet,” “Eat a tube of super glue,” and “Use your privates as
piranha bait.” The ad concludes that failing to practice train safety is the
dumbest way to die in order to encourage listeners to be safe around
trains.&nbsp; I don’t know if this is the best
use of taxpayer money, but the song is catchy.&nbsp;
If you rely on public transit, you might want to download the song off <a href="">…;
as a reminder.&nbsp;</p><p class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p>