McCaskill on Obama Doubters in '08: 'Don't Let Anyone Stick a Dagger in the Heart of Hope'

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Yesterday it was announced that Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) will not be attending the Democratic National Convention this year in an apparent attempt to distance herself from President Obama.

However, in 2008 McCaskill urged those in attendance to not let Obama doubters "stick a dagger in the heart of hope"- a much different tone than her current decision to skip the DNC this year, which could be seen as 'sticking a dagger in the heart of hope.'

McCaskill says:

"Now finally, for everyone out there who doesn't think this is possible, for all those people- and there have even been some people who have called this 'false hope'- don't let anyone stick a dagger in the heart of hope. That is what's made us great as a country, it's our optimism, it's our determination, it's our belief that we can do better for the future, for our kids, and for our place in the world."

She continues, "So if anyone tries to tell you he can't win, or he shouldn't win, just look at them and say, 'How dare you stick a dagger in the heart of hope.' Now are we fired up? Let's go."

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