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McCaskill on Obama Doubters in '08: 'Don't Let Anyone Stick a Dagger in the Heart of Hope'


<p>Yesterday it was&nbsp;<a href="…; that Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) will not be attending the Democratic National Convention this year in an apparent attempt to distance herself from President Obama. </p><p>However, in 2008 McCaskill urged those in attendance to not let Obama doubters "stick a dagger in the heart of hope"- a much different tone than her current decision to skip the DNC this year, which could be seen as 'sticking a dagger in the heart of hope.'</p><p>McCaskill says:</p><p>"Now finally, for everyone out there who doesn't think this is possible, for all those people- and there have even been some people who have called this 'false hope'- don't let anyone stick a dagger in the heart of hope. That is what's made us great as a country, it's our optimism, it's our determination, it's our belief that we can do better for the future, for our kids, and for our place in the world."</p><p>She continues, "So if anyone tries to tell you he can't win, or he shouldn't win, just look at them and say, 'How dare you stick a dagger in the heart of hope.' Now are we fired up? Let's go."</p>