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Martin Bashir Continues to Blame GOP for Benghazi Attack: Brings on Guests to Echo the Sentiment


After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepted the blame for the
avoidable tragedy that occurred in Benghazi last month, one would think
the media would be a little more critical of an administration that
initially tried to cover it up with misinformation. While this sounds
like a logical presumption, it hasn't been the case. <a href="… was applauded</a>
for "falling on her sword" and taking responsibility for failing to
protect those who were killed in the attack of the consulate.</p>
MSNBC's Martin Bashir and his contributors didn't seem to think an
apology was at all necessary however, blaming the Republicans in
Congress for imposing cuts on foreign aid and embassy protection
instead. In other words, it was all their fault and the Romney campaign
has no right bringing it up.</p><div style="overflow: hidden; color: #000000; background-color: #ffffff; text-align: left; text-decoration: none; border: medium none;"><a href="… Reading</a></div>