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Libtalkers Slime Southern Senator: 'Bourbon & Coon Skin


<p>&nbsp;<br />DAVID SHUSTER (28 Dec 2012): I wonder if Mitch McConnell has been I don’t know you know he’s getting a little bit older and you know and things are not so easy for him back in Kentucky and strange things can happen over the holiday’s. I mean one of his fellow Senator’s Senator Crapo who you know is a devout Mormon who said he didn’t drink was suddenly pulled over for DUI. I’m not suggesting Mitch McConnell drinks, but you know when you see a fellow colleague go through some rough times and it’s the holiday’s and maybe you’re a little bit lonely and you got to go back to Kentucky. <br /><br />DAN HENNING: Kentucky though they got Kentucky bourbon. <br /><br />DAVID SHUSTER: They’ve got Kentucky bourbon.<br /><br />DAN HENNING: Plenty around there to drink.<br /><br />DAVID SHUSTER: And they’ve got those coon skin hats.</p>