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Libtalker Slams Al Gore's CurrentTV Sellout For Mideast Oil $$$


<p>RANDI RHODES (04 Jan 2013) The truth is, that if you are an environmentalist, don't you find it at least a slight - just a tad, just a touch ironic that he would take the efforts of a liberal news network - uh, that he would take that and give it or sell it for $100 million dollars to him, $500 million dollars total was the sale, the amount of money that they'll make on that sale, $100 million dollars Al Gore will personally make, to oil-rich Qatar? I mean, isn't that just the least little bit ironic? I mean that - Ben And Jerry's - they sold to a giant uh, you know, company too but it wasn't exactly um Monsanto, you know what I mean? It wasn't like you know now this naturally made ice cream by uh you know people who do genetically modified cherries you know? </p>