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Libs Defend Obama's Drone Kills: 'Smarter & Tougher' Wars


<p>IAN MILHISER (06 Feb 2013): The President or someone in the Pentagon makes a call and there’s no oversight to make sure that the person they’ve targeted actually should have been targeted. <br /><br />STEPHANIE MILLER: Well you know an an an and I guess again you know it it it becomes this um you know moral equivalence I suppose of a you know again I was saying here we are coming out of the Bush years where we had this completely unnecessary illegal war in my opinion in Iraq. <br /><br />Ah you know took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan so that war dragged on and on. So I think you know Ian there’s that argument people are making that a lot less people are dying that it’s when the President talked about having a smarter tough a tough, but smarter foreign policy. </p>