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Liberal Colbert Rips Proposed Colorado Gun Dorm


<p>Stephen Colbert channeled the mother and teacher from the classic "A Christmas Story" on the 29 November 2012 edition of Comedy Central's <em>Colbert Report</em> as he made fun of a proposed dormitory for undergraduates with gun permits at the University of Colorado. The only thing missing from his left-wing stereotypes of gun owners as trigger-happy yahoos was the famous "you'll shoot your eye out" line.<br /><br />Colbert cracked that the move from the mountain state school would "forever ensur[e] that no one will think of it as a safety school." After pointing out that not one student had signed up for the dorm, he snarked, "Come on! This is college! It's time to get crazy (audience laughs) - do shots, take shots, get a little - if not very long."</p>