Karl Rove Explains the 1980 Polls Regarding the Carter/Reagan Race

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I was thinking it was only a 4% lead that Carter had... in fact, three weeks BEFORE the election Carter rose to 47% and Reagan dropped to 39%! (Posted by: Religio-Political Talk) Remember, Reagan took 44-States, he blew Carter out of the water! Then doc Rove shows the lopsided polls in regards to Democrats and Republicans. WOW!


I thought that the poles on Rove's white board were telling, and explained the Carter/Reagan spread/reality. The one poll was up 13% in Democrats, but only showed a 3% lead. WOW! This probably isn't likely voters but instead all voters... still... this gap in who Dems will vote for or merely stay home is telling. Telling to those that can see.

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