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Jon Stewart Slams Obama's SOTU - 'Who's Running This S**thole?'


<p>In his brutally honest assessment of the State of the Union Address,
the Daily Show's Jon Stewart took the president to task for his lack of
real solutions and pandering approach. Obama seemed to forget he was talking
to adults at times. </p><p>Stewart couldn't help but mock Marco Rubio
throughout the segment for taking a sip of water during his rebuttal
speech. Another drawn out (but funny) gag involved concern over
the comment the president made in his address that cited the structural
deficiency of 70,000 bridges. "Shouldn't you have led the speech with
that one?" Telling us where they are would've been the considerate thing to do!</p><p>By the end, Stewart pointed out the
ridiculousness of Obama's transparency claim when his administration has
repeatedly refused to give Congress any details about the
controversial drone program. "That's like Facebook telling me how much
they care about my privacy," he quipped. </p><p>Well worth a watch!</p>