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Jay-Z Must Have "Evolved" on Gays Too


<p>Jay-Z is a big fan of president Obama and he supports the presidents' decision to back gay marriage whole heartedly.</p><p>Jay-Z's support for gay rights must be a fairly recent development, since some of his past lyrics have demonstrated views that could be viewed as being, shall we say, gay unfriendly.</p><p>For example, here are some lyrics from his hit "Lucky Me":</p><p><em>"Niggas wanna strip to the bone for shit you own</em><br /><em>Hate a nigga like that faggot, get your own."</em><br /><br />Or this gem from the song "Heart of the City:<br /><br /><em>"More money, more problems" - gotta move carefully</em><br /><em><span class="goog_qs-tidbit goog_qs-tidbit-0">'cause faggots hate when you getting money like athletes."<br /><br /></span></em>They sure do Jay.&nbsp; They sure do.<br /><br /></p>