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Haughty ABC Pretends It's Been Covering Romney-Killed-My-Wife' Ad All Week, Denounces Both Sides


<p>ABC on Thursday night finally broke the <a href="… silence</a> about a dishonest Obama super PAC ad that, essentially, accuses Mitt Romney of killing a woman. On Friday, G<em>ood Morning America's</em>
hosts and reporters vaguely, but haughtily, chided "both sides" for
negative ads, as if they had been covering Obama's commercial all week.<br />
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At the very end of a segment on Romney's possible VP choices, co-anchor George Stephanopoulos lectured, <strong>"It
really seems to be, watching this time around, that both sides are
willing to take all kinds of heat for getting accused of running
misleading ads, but they're going to keep pumping them out there.</strong>" What was Obama's ad? He didn't say. Karl, who on <a href="…;
night became the first ABC reporter to note the misleading Obama spot,
huffed about both campaigns: "You know, it's almost like they're not
trying to be factual."</p>