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Groening Uses The Simpsons to Spout Obama Talking Points...Again


<p>Liberal writer Matt Groening seems to have turned <em>The Simpsons </em>into an arm of the Obama Administration. In a short released by&nbsp;<a href=";v=c91usT4P1u0#…;, evil rich man Mr. Burns tells his fellow Republicans to ensure taxes aren't raised on top income earners because otherwise rich people will drive the economy off a cliff. After a few more stabs at top income earners, Groening hints that the wicked Mr. Burns is a fan of Marco Rubio.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Mr. Groening, as someone who was born in 1992 and raised on <em>The Simpsons</em>, let me give you some advice. If I want to hear the Obama Administration's talking points, I'll watch a White House Press Briefing. Stick to comedy.&nbsp;</p>