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The GOP's 'War on Women' is Intensifying, At Least According to MSNBC


<p>Leave it to MSNBC to set the record straight, where a defense of
conservativism is strictly forbidden.&nbsp; With no one to dispute such
claims, one would think the GOP's "war on women" has never been more
overt or frightening -- especially after watching <em>News Nation's </em>host Tamron Hall discuss these issues of inequality with her openly liberal guests.<br /><br /> On the Oct. 17 edition of <em>News Nation, </em>Hall invited Salon's fiercely feminist staff writer <a href="; target="_blank">Irin Carmon</a> and Democratic strategist <a href="">Keith Boykin</a>
on her show to 'fact check' everything Mitt Romney had said the
previous night. Hardly a non-partisan duo, their agenda was clear from
the beginning. Voting for Mitt Romney could potentially be dangerous for
women everywhere.</p><p><a href="… Reading</a></p>