GOP Rep. Calls Out Media for Jumping to Conclusions with No Evidence, Cuomo Accuses Deception

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Congressman Sean Duffy called out the media on Friday morning for their hysterical reporting without evidence. On CNN’s New Day, Duffy scolded anchor Chris Cuomo: "On the influence of the investigation as CNN, a news network, what information do we have about this memo, about this influence? I mean, all you have is a phone call to the FBI -- I'm sorry, to the New York Times, an undisclosed person, an undisclosed memo." The Wisconsin Republican continued: "We have none of that information, Chris, and to jump to conclusions about influencing, that's a far reach." 

Noting that he and Cuomo were "two attorneys," Duffy hammered: "You and I wouldn't convict anyone on that evidence. We wouldn't even charge anyone with that evidence. We would go, hold on a second, I have to see this stuff. I want to talk to the person who read it. We haven't seen any of that. That's what concerns me on that front. I have all the faith in the FBI. I do think there is great people in that organization. They look for the truth, they don't look for politics. I think they could have done the investigation."

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