GBR: monkey god, Obamas brother, FRC shooting, Obama on ET, Cupp vs Toure, Edge of Glory.

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GBR: Demon fighting monkey god
Hanuman the undefeated demon fighting monkey god and Barack Obama
GBR: Who is Obama's 'brother's keeper'?
Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza says he paid the hospital bill for President Barack Obama's half-brother. -

GBR: Boykin and the FRC
Glenn interviews FRC shooting witness General Jerry Boykin - -

GBR: Obama on ET
Obama takes on a hard hitting interview from Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell

GBR: S.E. Cupp vs Toure
S.E. Cupp thrashes MSNBC host's 'racist code' conspiracy theory

The 4th Hr: The Edge of Glory
Stu and Pat test the Edge of Glory on Infomercial Friday



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