GBR: FRC Shooting, Obama, Progressive Insurance, West Nile, SPLC, VP Hillary?.

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GBR: FRC Shooting Exposes Media Bias 
The media seems shockingly silent following the shooting yesterday at the FRC, just blocks from the Capitol... -
GBR: Outrageous Obama Comments
Glenn plays some of Obama's most outrageous remarks

GBR: Progressive Insurance Nightmare 
The B.S. of A.'s Matt Fisher explains the nightmare he and his family have gone through in the wake of his sister's death -

GBR: West Nile
Does Glenn have West Nile?

GBR: Southern Poverty Law Center
Why is the SPLC putting David Barton and the New Black Panthers on the same page? -

The 4th Hr: Hillary as New VP?
Stu and Pat speculate about a VP change up