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'Fox News Viewers Not Real Americans': Bill Press


<p>BILL PRESS (23 January 2013): Interesting I saw the numbers this morning for cable television news coverage of the Inaugural. CNN won the day with 3 million people watching the Inauguration on CNN. Msnbc not so far back second with 2.3 million and Fox news which always kills in cable news ratings right they were third place with 1.3 million. So it seems I guess it sort of says that the people who normally watch Fox News are not big Barack Obama fans. <br /><br />PETER OGBURN: I guess not.<br /><br />BILL PRESS: Ha but I think it says something else I think it says they’re not even real Americans, right I mean this was a day for all Americans to celebrate. This was a magic moment for this country. I watch the Inaugural when Republicans are inaugurated. I want to see a new President and what he would have to say or what she would have to say someday.<br /><br />PETER OGBURN: Sure. <br /><br />BILL PRESS: And I also want to see America once again peacefully transition from one administration to the next. I mean that’s something everybody ought to be able to celebrate. No, ut ah not the people at Fox News. They just stayed away, poor losers. <br /><br />PETER OGBURN: Big babies. <br /><br />BILL PRESS: Sore losers, right exactly. Isn’t that funny those cable ratings? I saw that this morning. <br /><br />PETER OGBURN: That is funny I mean God forbid they actually see Democrats ah celebrating a win. </p>