Elizabeth Hasselbeck to Laura Ingraham: 'Don't Get Your Panties in a Bunch'

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Via Fox Nation:

Elizabeth Hasselbeck fought back claims that the Republican Party is in trouble of losing the election on Thursday's, 'The View.' 

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Mitt Romney is getting alot of criticism lately from high profile conservatives. They're talking heads as we know, Laura Ingraham, she says and I quote, "If you can't beat Obama in this environment, then shut down the party."

Rush Limbaugh also said Obama victory would be the end of the Republican party.

ELIZABETH HASSELBECK: They shouldn't really be getting their panties and boxers in bunch at this point, I think. So what I would say to both those individuals, that they are focused on the wrong individual. They should looking at the independent voter. 

(Via Fox Nation)

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