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Ed Rendell on MSNBC: Boosting Gun Control is the 'Good Thing' About Sandy Hook


<p>Former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell channeled Piers Morgan on the 11 January 2013 edition of the <em>Now with Alex Wagner</em> program on MSNBC. Rendell even upped the ante, claiming that there was a positive side to the Newtown, Connecticut massacre – that it boosts liberal efforts for stricter gun control: <br /><br />ED RENDELL: <strong>The good thing about Newtown is, it was so horrific that I think it galvanized Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the intensity on their side</strong>.<br /><br />The former politician from Pennsylvania also contended that the strong stand from gun rights supporters "convince the average American that <strong>the other side is absolute – looney, nuts, off their rocker</strong> – and that drives people to the conclusion that we've got to do something reasonable."</p>