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Crazy Randi Rant- Conservatives Love 'Sacred' Guns Like They Are Babies


<p>RANDI RHODES (11 Jan 2013) And it dawned on me that the NRA loves guns the way that Rick Santorum loves the fetus! Do you know what I mean? It's like - seriously, they're trying to stop Tucson from destroying guns as if they're screaming, they're pleading, these are our babies, every gun is sacred, you can't destroy a gun, it has so much left to give - or take! I mean - they are starting to act like anti-choice nuts uh on - on the fetus issue! You know - I mean, how long before we actually have a law granting in a Presidential election where the candidate from the Republican Party decides that guns are people and we introduce a personhood amendment for the fuc - the freaking AK? I almost said it, came really close! Really close! </p>