• Hidden Camera Temple Ceremony

    Hidden Camera Temple Ceremony

    Here is the tail end of the longer ceremony for the curious. This is how it looks "real time," some of it and more is explained in this video as well. Really, it is Masonic rituals imported into the LDS...

  • The Secrets of the Mormon Temple Ceremonies

    The Secrets of the Mormon Temple Ceremonies

    This is a classic example of the ritualistic Freemasonry adopted by Joseph Smith and inserted into the LDS Temple ceremonies. This video is all over the internet, for years (it is dated), but I am adding...

  • NewsBusted [April 15, 2014]

    NewsBusted [April 15, 2014]

    TOPICS:-- Kathleen Sebelius Resigns-- Al Sharpton-- Hank Aaron-- Topless Woman Ransacks McDonald's-- Wife of Jesus?