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Colbert Boosts 'Brave' Nun's War Against Paul Ryan; Hails Her Dissent Against Pope


<p>Stephen Colbert lent his television platform on 13 December 2012 to one of the left's favorite religious figures, Sister Simone Campbell, to promote her ongoing battle against Rep. Paul Ryan's fiscal ideas. Campbell slammed congressional conservatives to the extreme point of invoking the Christ Child: "They're trying to say that the only way forward is to cut programs for people in poverty. <strong>They would want to leave Jesus even out of the manger</strong>."<br /><br />The liberal comedian also praised the activist sister for her high-profile dissent against the hierarchy of the Catholic Church: "You've been named The Atlantic's...brave thinkers of 2012....<strong>it was kind of brave, and I'll tell you why: because you have publicly disagreed with the Pope over contraception and all-male priesthood</strong>."</p>