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CNN's Cuomo Falsely Claims Flynn Call to Russia Wasn't Wiretapped, Dismisses Leaks


<p>On CNN&#39;s&nbsp;New Day&nbsp;Thursday, host Chris Cuomo attacked&nbsp;Republican&nbsp;Ohio Representative Jim Jordan over his party&#39;s handling of leaked allegations of communications between&nbsp;former National Security Adviser Michael&nbsp;Flynn and&nbsp;Russian officials,&nbsp;which led to Flynn&#39;s resignation on Monday.&nbsp;</p>

<p>In an interview with the leader of the House Freedom Caucus, Cuomo said that Jordan and his party only want to focus on the source of the leaks instead of the substance of the calls between Flynn and the Russians. &quot;<strong>We do not know that Michael&nbsp;Flynn was wiretapped, but it&nbsp;keeps being said by people that&nbsp;want these investigations into&nbsp;the leaks and it deserves to be&nbsp;called ou</strong>t,&quot; Cuomo said.&nbsp;</p>