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CNN Laments Being Unable to Hear a Good Speech ‘Like This’ from Trump


<p>Almost minutes after President Barack Obama concluded his farewell address Tuesday night, CNN jumped into whining about not being able to hear such deep speech from President-elect Donald Trump. &ldquo;<strong>Also as we think about the next president about to take office, I mean, their speaking styles could not possibly be any more different,</strong>&rdquo; noted moderator, Anderson Cooper, as unseen members of his panel laughed.</p>

<p>&ldquo;<strong>We&rsquo;re not going to be hearing a speech LIKE THIS from a sitting president for the next four or eight years,</strong>&rdquo; he continued to bemoan, as CNN&rsquo;s chief political correspondent Dana Bash chimed in to glorify Obama&rsquo;s speech delivering acumen:</p>

<p><strong>And let&#39;s be honest, one of the reasons&mdash;one of the main reasons&mdash;the many reasons Barack Obama did burst on the scene is because of the way he gives a speech. I mean, he&#39;s an orator, that&#39;s who he is. And that&rsquo;s why he can hit it out of the park like this. And you&#39;re absolutely right, Anderson. I mean, it&#39;s going to be a while. Who knows how long before we can hear a speech like this.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>According to panelist John Avlon of <em>The Daily Beast</em>, there was a lot to be impressed about in Obama&rsquo;s speech. &ldquo;<strong>It was a Progressive profession of faith, but it was rooted in deeply conservative values. It was rooted in deeply American values,</strong>&rdquo; Avlon opined, &ldquo;<strong>And while he issued a warning about the future, it was rooted in a reaffirmation of basic citizenship. And that&rsquo;s why ultimately it&#39;s uniting, not a partisan take. It transcends that.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>The embarrassing level of swooning for the president from the two CNN personalities exposed who they preferred to listen too.</p>