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CNN Boosts Van Jones Talking Point; Hypes Tea Party is Pushing GOP 'So Far to the Right'


<p><em>[More in the cross-post on the MRC's <a href="…; target="_blank">NewsBusters blog</a>.]</em></p><p>CNN's Chris Cuomo forwarded a liberal talking point about the infighting inside the Republican Party on the 20 May 2014 edition of <em>New Day</em>, as he covered the primary elections in several states that day. Cuomo asked Republican strategist Kevin Madden, "Are you worried that these challenges are pushing your mainstream or establishment or traditional candidates farther to the right than they might be may like?"<br /><br />The anchor could very well have gotten his talking point from colleague Van Jones, as the left-wing Crossfire host made the same point just over two hours later during a panel discussion with Republican Ana Navarro:<br /><br />VAN JONES: ...It looks like the Tea Party might lose some of these battles, but they've already won the war. So many of these so-called establishment Republicans now have been pulled so far to the right. You have establishment Republicans now saying that they are against the minimum wage – not against raising it – against having it. And you don't hear any establishment Republicans pushing back on this line. In fact, establishment Republicans are now coming out. Now, listen, abolishing the minimum wage is about three percent popular anywhere except for a Tea Party rally. So, you could have a situation where the Tea Party candidates lose, but the Tea Party agenda has already taken over the Republican Party, which sets us up great as Democrats in November. What do you think about that?</p>