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On CNN, Bay Buchanan Accuses Media of 'Manipulating' Polls to Favor Obama


<p>From CNN’s <em>The Situation Room </em>on Tuesday, September 18. <br /><br />As recounted by the <em>Washington Examiner</em>’s Paul Bedard in a <a href="…; target="_blank">September 20 post</a>:<br /><br />“‘You go look at these polls. How is it poll after poll over-polls 10 percent to 15 percent [more] Democrats? This is not a legitimate poll in 2012,’ Romney surrogate Bay Buchanan told CNN of their ‘rotten...poll.’<br /><br />“Appearing Tuesday with reporter Joe Johns, she hammered CNN’s recent poll that found Obama beating Romney by 6 percent. She accused CNN of deliberately over-polling Democrats. ‘It's a deliberate attempt to make it look like Barack Obama is strong,’ she said.”</p>