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Clinton White House Intern, Turned CNN Producer, Scoffed at Notion of Lewinsky-Clinton Relationship


<p><em>&gt;&gt; This video is <a href="…; target="_blank">featured in an MRC Media Reality Check</a> on the Obama-media revolving door &gt;&gt;</em><br /><br />Before CNN, Kate Albright-Hanna was an intern in the Clinton White House and, in a January 23, 1998 <em>Dateline NBC</em> story days after the Monica Lewinsky story broke, she was featured by reporter Dawn Fratangelo as one of a group of former interns who “simply don’t find it plausible the President of the United States could have an affair with an intern.” In a soundbite, Albright-Hanna asserted: “I can’t imagine how that would happen.’”</p>