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Chris Matthews to Romney Supporter: Benghazi WAS All About YouTube Video, 'Read the Newspaper!'


Going around the rope line at the bottom of his 7 p.m. Eastern edition of Monday's <em>Hardball </em>to
ask folks whom they are supporting in the presidential race, Chris
Matthews found a young man who said he was backing Romney because,
unlike Obama, "he doesn't cover up scandals in the Middle East."</p>
"What was the scandal? Get to it, nail it, what was the scandal?!"
Matthews rudely barked at the Romney backer. Upon the young Romney
supporter answering that he was referring to Benghazi and the
administration's early dogged insistence that the fiasco was the result
of a spontaneous demonstration over a YouTube video, Matthews barked
back (emphasis mine), "Yeah, <strong>it was about the video. Read the newspaper.</strong> Thank you. <strong>Everybody</strong> <strong>knows</strong> it's about the video. <strong>It's all about the video.</strong>" </p><p><br />Read more at <a href="…; target="_blank"></a>.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>