Chaos Breaks Out in NYC for May Day Protests; Arrests Made

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Around 1 pm yesterday, 200 protesters gathered at Sara D. Roosevelt Park in NYC for an umpermitted 'Wildcat March'. Using police barricades to block off the roads, protesters defied orders.

The man in this video sprinted away and was eventually tackled and arrested by an undercover cop.

According to Local East Village:

"The proceedings were for the most part orderly, but scuffles broke out when approximately 200 demonstrators, many dressed in black and some covering their faces, assembled in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, at Second Avenue and Houston Street, at 1 p.m. for a pre-planned, unpermitted “Wildcat March.”

When demonstrators carrying a banner tried to push past a line of police onto the crosswalk on the northeast corner of the park, officers arrested several people after throwing them to the ground. Police grabbed this reporter by his backpack and pulled him back from the scuffle while officers ordered other journalists to stand back.

The rest of the crowd bolted south on Forsyth Street, then ran through the streets of Chinatown and SoHo, and eventually north on Broadway toward Washington Square Park. Some protesters toppled garbage cans and pulled orange traffic cones into the street to obstruct police who pursued on scooters. Protesters scuffled with one photographer, warning him not to photograph the demonstration.

Police arrested three people at the southwest corner of Washington Square after wrestling them to the ground. One of the arrestees identified himself as Luke Richardson. Another said his name was Dylan, and a third female protester declined to give her name."

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