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CBS's Pelley Upset House's ObamaCare Repeal Votes Have 'Cost Taxpayers' $50 Million


<p>Showing a renewed concern for the interests of taxpayers, CBS put “Cost to Taxpayers” on screen Wednesday night as <em>CBS Evening News</em> anchor Scott Pelley worried not about the cost of ObamaCare, but <strong>“how much it cost taxpayers for the House to repeal the law again and again?”</strong> Pelley relayed how “the Congressional Research Service tells us that the <strong>House
of Representatives costs us $24 million a week. So with two weeks spent
repealing the law, that comes to a little under $50 million.”</strong><br />
<br />
What a meaningless point. As if that $50 million wouldn’t have been
spent in any event since the cost of operating the House would not have
disappeared from federal outlays if the body dealt with other issues.
</p><p>The Republican-controlled House voted 244-185 to repeal ObamaCare, leading Pelley to frame a story: <strong>“With so much urgent business before the House, why spend so much time voting to repeal the law over and over again?”</strong></p>