CBS's Pelley Upset House's ObamaCare Repeal Votes Have 'Cost Taxpayers' $50 Million

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Showing a renewed concern for the interests of taxpayers, CBS put “Cost to Taxpayers” on screen Wednesday night as CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley worried not about the cost of ObamaCare, but “how much it cost taxpayers for the House to repeal the law again and again?” Pelley relayed how “the Congressional Research Service tells us that the House of Representatives costs us $24 million a week. So with two weeks spent repealing the law, that comes to a little under $50 million.”

What a meaningless point. As if that $50 million wouldn’t have been spent in any event since the cost of operating the House would not have disappeared from federal outlays if the body dealt with other issues.

The Republican-controlled House voted 244-185 to repeal ObamaCare, leading Pelley to frame a story: “With so much urgent business before the House, why spend so much time voting to repeal the law over and over again?”

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