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CBS's Major Garrett: Obama 'May Need the Wisdom of Lincoln' For Gun Control 'Battle'


<p>On the 20 December 2012 edition of <em>CBS This Morning</em>, Major Garrett tried to shoehorn Steven Spielberg's screening of his recent film "Lincoln" for the Senate into his report on President Obama's Wednesday press conference on the fiscal cliff and gun control. Garrett hyped how the movie "<strong>celebrates presidential power and crafty legislative strategy</strong>," and that Obama "<strong>may need the wisdom of Lincoln for his latest legislative battle - gun control</strong>."<br /><br />The correspondent even played a clip from the film about the sixteenth President to hint at a parallel between the passage the 13th Amendment, which happened after the carnage of the Civil War, and possible new firearms regulations in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.</p>