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CBS: ‘Teacher’ Obama Has a ‘Gift’ to ‘Make People Understand’


<p>[See <a href="…; target="_blank">NewsBusters</a> for more.] He may be gone, but no one on CBS has forgotten &ldquo;teacher&rdquo; Barack Obama and his ability to &ldquo;make people understand.&rdquo; On Thursday, the journalists at <em>CBS This Morning</em> and liberal actor Jesse Williams previewed a Smithsonian documentary on the former President, complete with the excessive fawning over the Democrat. Williams narrates <em>The Obama Years: The Power of Words</em>, a look at the politician&rsquo;s six most important speeches. Norah O&rsquo;Donnell enthused, &ldquo;[Obama] clearly has a gift as people said as the orator-in-chief. You know? But his writing was a way to move people. He tried in a way to make people to understand.&rdquo; Charlie Rose called it &ldquo;a teaching element.&rdquo;</p>