CBS Blames Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide on 'Gun Culture' in NFL and U.S.

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Jim Axelrod filed a completely one-sided report on the 4 December 2004 edition of CBS This Morning linking the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide to a lack of gun control inside the NFL and in the country in general. Axelrod turned to only pro-gun control advocates as talking heads - Brady Center flack Marcellus Wiley, NBC's Bob Costas, and New York Times sportswriter William Rhoden.

Rhoden blamed the widespread availability of guns in the U.S. for sportsmen getting involved in violent incidents: "Why do athletes love guns? Well, the reality is that this is a gun culture. Lots of people - and lots of people with money - own guns." The correspondent also outlined that liberal newspaper journalist "says the issue of guns and athletes is about youth, money, and perceived power."

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