CBS Bizarrely Wonders About 'Normal Kinds' of Shootings; Promotes Pro-Gun Control Protests

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CBS This Morning's slant towards gun control emerged again on 8 January 2012 as they reported on the upcoming meetings of Vice President Joe Biden's task force on new firearms regulations. Despite a graphic spotlighting how "activists on both sides" were ready for a "fight" on the issue, the morning show only featured pictures of pro-gun control demonstrations, including one of a far left Code Pink protester disrupting a recent NRA press conference.

Anchor Charlie Rose also asked CBS News political director John Dickerson an eyebrow-raising question regarding the passage of federal gun control legislation in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut:

CHARLIE ROSE: How much pressure comes from the gun control lobby? they believe that there's something different, though, because this was about those 20 young kids, rather than normal kinds of awful tragic shootings?

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