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Bozell, Varney Discuss Networks' 3-Month Blackout of Damning Revelations in IRS Scandal


An incredulous Stuart Varney brought NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell
on his Varney &amp; Co. program this morning to discuss how&nbsp; "[t]he
mainstream media [have been] completely ignoring one the the biggest
news stories of the year," by devoting zero news stories to the IRS
scandal since July.</p>
"Is that accurate, they haven't even mentioned it since those dates we
put up on the screen?!" Varney asked Bozell at the segment. "It's
fascinating and so troubling" because we have "one of the greatest
abuses in my lifetime, the greatest abuse of federal power ever, where
you're using the most-feared arm of government&nbsp; against the people and
you're seeing one revelation after another" which the networks simply
refuse to cover. The Media Research Center founder and president rattled
off just a few.</p><p><br />Read more: <a style="color: #003399;" href="…;