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Bozell Discusses Media's Reticence to Address Benghazi Fiasco with FBN's Varney, Shocking Development On Jobless Report


The Benghazi fiasco and the ensuing cover-up by the Obama
administration got minimal media play before yesterday's congressional
hearing, and even with that hearing, the media are still hard at work
with their excuse-making for the White House, NewsBusters publisher
Brent Bozell told Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney on Thursday
morning's edition of the Fox Business Network program <em>Varney &amp; Co</em>.</p>
For example, "ABC, last night, Diane Sawyer interviewing Barack Obama,
she interviewed him for four minutes, she asked him every question
imaginable about his debate performance, she even invited him to say
that Mitt Romney was a liar" but <a href="… spent "not one second" on Benghazi</a>, the Media Research Center founder told Varney. </p><p>
Varney opened the segment discussing the shocking revelation that <a href="… "large state" failed to submit</a> its jobless numbers and that accordingly may have skewed the latest unemployment number.</p>
"How many reporters do you think tonight are going to report on the one
state that didn't give its numbers? No one will touch that" because
they "are advancing the exact same spin of the Obama administration,"
Bozell added.</p><p>Read more <a href="…; target="_blank">at NewsBusters here</a>.</p>