Bozell, Cavuto Discuss Media's Failure to Criticize President Obama's Power Grabs

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"What do you think would [have] happen[ed]... if the media learned, if George Bush announced, that he was having 23 executive orders to limit the authority of Planned Parenthood?" NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell posed to Neil Cavuto on the February 10 edition of his eponymous Fox Business Network program. The media, of course, would be predictably outraged, the Media Research Center president noted, and yet, when President Obama announced his executive orders related to gun control, the media applauded the president for his efforts to go around Congress. "Nobody, but nobody" on ABC, CBS, or NBC have "explored it from the standpoint that [Obama] is usurping power" and treading on a constitutional right.

"Look at the recess appointment[s]," Bozell added, which the president announced early last year and have been since deemed unconstitutional by the unanimous panel of a federal court. "This goes to show the chutzpah of these people."

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