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Bozell, Carlson Note Media's Silence on Obama Supporter's Bribe to Hush Rev. Wright


NBC, ABC and CBS have all ignored a new book by former Newsweek foreign
editor Ed Klein that contains a shocking allegation from Klein's
interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright in which the former Obama pastor
claimed that an Obama supporter offered him $150,000 if he would refrain
from preaching until after the 2008 election.</p>
From "now until election day," the liberal media will be seeking to
herald only news that "advances Obama" while spiking news that "hurts
him in any way," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Hannity
substitute host Tucker Carlson on the May 24 program's "Media Mash." </p><p><br />Read more <a href="…; target="_blank">here.</a></p>