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Astroturfing Wall Street: Is the Working Families Party Providing Organizers to the Occupy Wall Street Protests and Paying Them up to $650.00 a Week?

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<p>This is a video from the Laura Flanders Show unintentionally highlighting that the Occupy Wall Street Protests have had the close involvement of both community organizing and big labor groups from their very beginnings, that unlike the Tea-Party it is not a genuine grassroots movement. Consider that the young woman Nalini Stamp in this video admits that she has worked for the <a href="">Working Families Party</a> for the past couple years and also bear in mind the recent report by <a href="">BIGGOVERNMENT.COM</a&gt; that the Working Families Party is paying protesters up to $600.00; dollars a week I would presume. Although my own reading of the <a href="">material</a&gt; leads me to believe that they will actually pay even more than that, up to a very shocking $650.00 dollars a week. In light of all this it becomes harder and harder not to start wondering just how much of these Occupy Wall Street protests is just plain old astroturf. </p><p><a href="…; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="…;