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AP's Kuhnhenn Leads Obama's First Presser in Five Months with Softball; Only CBS's Cordes Asks Tough Campaign Questions


<p>Although the Obama/Biden campaign has plenty of gaffes and erroneous
statements to answer for from the past five-and-a-half months -- the
last presidential press conference was March 6 -- Associated Press White
House correspondent Jeff Kuhnhenn opted to toss a softball to President
Obama today as he was selected by the president to ask the first
question at the chief executive's impromptu session with reporters in
the White House press briefing room.
"You are no doubt aware of the comments that Missouri Senate candidate,
Republican Todd Akin made on rape and abortion. I wondered if you think
those views represent the views of the Republican party in general.
They have been denounced by your own rival and other Republicans. Are
they an outlier or representative?" Kuhnhenn asked, having obviously
answered his own question.</p><p><br />Read more <a href="…; target="_blank">at NewsBusters here</a>.</p>