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ABC's World News Highlights Walters Wondering How Obamas Get It On: 'How Do You Keep the Fire Going?'


<p>ABC News had to wait two weeks to get on air Barbara Walters’ interview with the Obamas, and then the network’s evening newscast decided to focus on her asking Barack and Michelle Obama about their sex life. “An ABC News exclusive,” fill-in World News anchor David Muir teased, “Barbara Walters at the White House, asking Michelle Obama if she’ll run for office next. And a personal question, too.” Viewers were then treated to a clip of Walters with the Obamas: “How do you keep the fire going?” The two laughed as Mrs. Obama giggled “that’s a good question!”<br /><br />The Walters session with the Obamas, which ran on Wednesday night’s Nightline as “Christmas at the White House with Barbara Walters,” was originally scheduled to air as a 20/20 special on Friday night, December 14, but had to be postponed because of the mass murder that day which led to an ABC News special that night.</p><p>More in the <a href="…; target="_blank">cross-post</a> on the MRC's NewsBusters blog.</p>