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ABC Twists Trump Lawyer’s Words, Claim Pardons Are ‘Not off the Table’


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On Sunday, Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for President Trump, appeared on ABC’s This Week to discuss the latest developments in the Russia story, particularly those involving the President’s son and son-in-law. Towards the end of the interview, Jon Karl pressed Sekulow about the concerns of presidential pardons, citing the worries of Senate Democrat Mark Warner. But no matter how many time Sekulow explained that he didn’t know the President’s position on the question, Karl kept insisting he was saying Trump was seriously thinking about it.

One last question. Senator Warner says he is concern that the President will issue pardons to the key figures in this investigation,” Karl said, prefacing his concern. “Will the President rule out giving pardons to people like Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, any others that are in this investigation?

Sekulow clearly explained that he had “not had the conversation with the President about any of that.” “But I have not had that conversation with the President on that or what he could or would not do,” he continued, also noting that it was a power granted to the presidency. “But I have not had those conversations, so I couldn’t speculate on that.